Aries New Moon – March 24, 2020 – One Day Later…

Aries New Moon – March 24, 2020 – One Day Later…

Yesterday’s New Moon was exact at 04 degrees, 12 minutes of Aries at 2:28 am PDT and at 9:28 am GMT. The new moon follows the Vernal Equinox of March 19, declaring a new Astrological New Year for planet Earth. The Sun and New Moon align with Chiron at 04 and 05 degrees respectively. Every year we are initiated into the energies of the coming 365 days. Aries is the energetic willfulness of Spirit as it descends into matter in order to individuate and evolve. It is the spark of the divine fire that ignites life itself.

And Aries hits the ground running. You can feel and know that things are rapidly changing. We are swimming in the deep waters now. The Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is in full swing – intent on facilitating a transition/transformation that will be as orderly as is possible given the scope of what’s necessarily being transformed. Saturn has crossed into Aquarius for an exploratory tour of the sign. He will retrograde, returning to Capricorn in early July. It’s always good to get the lay of the land when embarking on a new project. Mars will conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on March 31, decreasing the intensity of the stellium in Capricorn.

This is initiation and renewal. We are moving to a future that has been beckoning for at least 2 decades. Some of us are more prepared than other. This evolution is necessary, personal, global, and ultimately galactic. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. He’s been gathering this posse for a decade + now. And they are on the move. This is the end of an age. However and wherever we’re going – we’re all going together. Our planet is evolving and so, of necessity, are we. It’s what’s on the menu.

The current COVID-19 pandemic can be seen a tool for cleansing and re-evaluation of our trajectory. Quarantine can be form of retreat, meditation, and introspection. It may be that you want to limit your interactions with others at this time. Aries is the strength of individual will and effort. Cultivate that sincere knowing in yourself. The Sun and Moon conjunct Chiron encourage us to move on from past indignities, wounds, and expectations and to cultivate a new perspective. See from a new vantage point. What is true now? What do you want? Why do you want that? Stay open and porous. Allow yourself to feel the entire range of emotions and thoughts that live within and travel with you. You may find that some have served their purpose and are free to go – and that other interesting newcomers are there to take their place. There may be some that need to be forcibly evicted – so do that. Remember – this is change – no breaks for awhile – and it will continue. We are leaving this place and moving on. We will each have our own process. As with most things – there’s no one right way to do this.

The New Moon gives another testimony to the importance of this time. She squares the Lunar Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer. This is an adjustment that needs to be made with regard to the past(South Node in Capricorn) and the future (North Node in Cancer). Can we nurture and protect each other and our planet as we move forward into a new epoch? Can we curb our avarice and greed? Can we transform?

Venus in Taurus trines Jupiter who promotes optimism, expansion, and a bit of overindulgence and Pluto who just wants to call attention to deep truths, new potentials, and evolutionary soul intentions. She makes a sincere appeal to all the tenants of the Capricorn stellium. What do we want? What do we treasure and value? What do we want to accomplish? We will become stronger, better and more fully imbued with pure spirit and expanded consciousness as a result of this time/change/ transformation. Let the future take your hand. Offer it your one and only heart. Feel and know the changes.