Aries New Moon – April 18, 2015

Aries New Moon – April 18, 2015
The New Moon forms at 28 degrees, 24 minutes Aries at 11:56 am PDT on April 18, 2015. There’s a big pile-up of planets in Aries now. And we seem to be having New Moons at very early or the very last degrees of signs this year, with the Full Moons falling in the middle degrees where the qualities of the sign are at their greatest strength. New Moons usher in new energies. But when they fall at the last degrees of a sign they underscore recent events and put an exclamation point at the end of the sequence – as if to say “Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this has been Aries! Brought to you by the planet Mars, the Cardinal sign affiliates, and the Fire triplicity. Please stay tuned. We think you’ll enjoy our next presentation; it’s called Taurus. We hope you’ll enjoy the leisurely pace and the luscious scenery. It’s fun for the whole family.”
So yeah – Aries! What didn’t happen? Eclipse on April 4? Did you hear that door slam shut? Hope it didn’t hit you in the ass! Wow. Aries begins again. And again and again – with a vengeance. It is the life force. It is Spirit descending into Matter. The spring equinox is the threshold. It’s the crossroads of the old blues song. “I went down to the crossroads….” You might want to finish that blues riff with the words: Where spirit becomes matter. Aristotle, Derrida, Mondrian, Robert Johnson, Isaac Newton, have all been to the crossroads. Once you’ve been to the crossroads there’s no going back. And now you know you’ve been there too.
The Uranus-Pluto squares will continue to reverberate for several years yet. We’ve cleared the hurdle of the seven exact squares and are probably feeling quite clever as well as exhausted by our efforts. Clever and tired, yes – and deserving of a rest. However, don’t get too excited. Pluto and Uranus aren’t through with us yet. Pluto stations retrograde on April 16 at 16 degrees Capricorn. The next six months will focus attention on our use and abuse of power. This means power at all levels. Not just some abstract government official or petty manager at your workplace. But power at all levels – micro, macro and everything in between!
As the modern ruler of Scorpio, (Mars is the traditional ruler), Pluto will begin to resonate with Saturn when he retrogrades into Scorpio in late June. Pluto and Saturn will again be in mutual reception (each other’s home sign) as they were from October 2012 to December 2014. They will be finishing unfinished business. Together they will work to ferret out secrets, lies, abuses, perversities, and atrocities. Saturn will reenter Sagittarius in mid-September. Pluto will station direct about 10 days later. There is a feeling of relentless inevitability about this activity. Anyone who thinks they’re getting away with something may be in for a big surprise. Don’t count your chickens and all that stuff…. Just sayin’…..
It’s nice having Jupiter moving forward, isn’t it? Feeling optimistic and expansive – there’s nothing like it! Mercury and Mars have moved into Taurus. Venus is way ahead of the pack in Gemini. She’s flirting up a storm having had her date with destiny on April 14. That was her opposition to Saturn. No fun for either party there. Love is not always real and the reality of love is not always a pretty sight. Saturn in Sagittarius is more idealistic and optimistic than he is in other more fatalistic signs. And Venus in Gemini is far more abstract and impersonal than she can be in other signs. So it wasn’t a great date-night but it wasn’t Armageddon either. Both walk away with a clearer understanding of what is real and what is ideal.
On April 20, the Sun moves into Taurus. Deep Spring! We get a zap of energy when Mercury and Mars conjunct on April 22. But after that it’s the BIG SLOWDOWN!!! This is the powerful fixed energy of Taurean Spring. The Earth is alive with activity. You can almost hear things growing – see petals unfurling, and you can definitely smell and taste the deliciousness of life. Venus rules Taurus. She is fecund and bountiful in the sign. This is primal earth energy at its best – concentrated, fixed, and wildly creative. Sing the songs of spring and of the Taurus –Scorpio axis: Innocence and Experience. You can do it. Remember: You’ve been to the crossroads.