Aries New Moon – April 11-12, 2021

Aries New Moon – April 11 – 12, 2021


The dark Moon in Pisces crosses over into Aries tonight (April 11, 2021) revealing the New Moon at 7:30 pm PDT at 22 degrees, 24 min. Aries.  She will be seen as the New Moon in Europe exact on April 12th at 2:30 am GMT. The Sun is exalted in Aries. He burns with intensity and unflagging precision and complete attention. The Sun is a star. There are lots of stars, but the Sun is the closest one to Earth. It is the center of our solar system. The Sun is a glowing hot ball made up of many gasses, heated to incandescence by nuclear fusion in its core, radiating the energy mainly as visible light and infrared radiation. It is unlike a planet which is made up of solid materials as well as some gasses. Planets orbit the Sun. The Sun does not have an orbit he is the center and the reason for our existence.


To say that the Sun is exalted in Aries is to imbue that sign and its natives with radiant and combustible boots-on-the-ground energy and the will to follow through on its promises and desires. Aries is the new beginning – the presentation of new forms and directions.  This New Moon begins a new season; sparking momentum to push and achieve its goals and desires. The New Moon highlights three major feminine archetypes – Venus, Eris and, Ceres, prompting women to step into their power and men to step into their hearts. Aries teaches us to be courageous, take initiative, and to be independent. At its best, Aries can take risks without being reckless and be assertive without being aggressive. It uses its warrior energy to defend rather than destroy.


Tonight’s New Moon is in the mix with Chiron, Mercury, Sun and Venus in the first house. This is where we begin to pull away from the recent and long ago past. It’s where we become more vital and energetic.  It’s also where we begin and/or end our ongoing relationship negotiations. Don’t limit your scope. We have a lot of options as we move forward into the new astrological year. The question is: what do you want to achieve? Which way do you want to go – inward, outward, present, past, sideways, up or down? Aries likes to hit the ground running. Tonight he has a ton of supporting planets and asteroids in his domicile. This New Moon squares Pluto at 26 Capricorn in the 10th house challenging the Capricorn’s top-down authority and declaring it’s freedom and autonomy.


We’re in a time of facing ourselves as we face an uncertain and poorly defined future. It’s time to actively move forward – whatever that means to you. And its up to you to investigate your surroundings, your expectations, and your intentions as you move into the new. This is a time to look at your trajectory. What’s available to you and what has been closed off? What was is no longer there. What will be is undetermined. There are a million ways to proceed but I say – go with your gut, And lead with your whole heart. Realize where your energy, love, and attention will be the most useful as well as good for you, your family, friends, community, the planet and the universe.  Hold that personal/universal feeling and vision because it’s the only way we as a species will progress. Look up and out as far and as wide as you can. Really look around. There will be no “going back to normal” Trust me on that one!


Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn tonight. This can bring on intense emotional experiences that draw you in and change your consciousness in a pleasant way for a while. The downside is that these experiences can swiftly mutate into an uncomfortable and disagreeable stalemate as Aries and Capricorn (both are cardinal signs of action and actualization) each struggle to get the upper hand in that relationship. This will degenerate into a power-grab and there will be no winners in this situation. Venus represents our values, self-worth, relationship needs, and our happiness. She rules the heart chakra which is an energy center close to our physical heart, and a gateway to the upper chakras. Pluto symbolizes where we must face our fears, our shadow and reclaim our power. Squares involving Pluto pressure the release of what no longer serves our evolution. This combination helps us to see where control and manipulation hide unconscious fears and defenses. It helps us to be more honest with ourselves and others. Questions about values, truth and power will continue through April as first Venus and then the Sun, Mercury, and the asteroid Ceres all form conjunctions to Eris (goddess of Discord) and squares to Pluto.


Where are you standing and where are you headed? Begin again – just do or don’t do and don’t make a huge deal about it – just make a sincere choice. Don’t tell yourself elaborate stories. Relationships are key now. Don’t water-down your intention, plans, divine desires or your love.  Hit the ground running but do not exhaust yourself. That’s the way this New Moon likes it – free and fresh and ready for changes.