Aries Full Moon – October 15 – 16, 2016

Aries Full Moon – October 15 – 16, 2016

The Full Moon forms at 23 degrees, 14 minutes Aries at 9:23 pm, PDT on October 15 and at 4:23 am GMT on October 16.  And she’s a doozy.  Back to Cardinal energies folks.  Aries is spirit incarnating into matter for the first time.  Imagine that feeling of divine incarnation – WOW!  You are here!!! You are fully formed and ready to EXPERIENCE everything!  It is boots on the ground, full speed ahead, let’s move it out, raw courage, and desire.  It’s the spark of life.  It’s fire in the belly, no frills, and lots of hard work.  Ruled by Mars, it is how we get what we want.  And it will not sit still for you or anyone else.

Tonight the Moon is conjunct Uranus and the asteroid Eris (sister of Uranus and the goddess of discord).  These three oppose the Sun in Libra. Over the course of the next five days, Mercury in Libra will square Mars and Pluto in Capricorn and oppose Uranus and Eris in Aries. Mars and Pluto in Capricorn will square Uranus and Eris in Aries.   If this feels a little unsettling your intuition is right on the money.  You might remember that little episode that took place several years back called the Cardinal Grand Cross.  This is not that exactly.  But it’s pretty darn close.  It is a re-activation of those energies.

This is super-hot Cardinal dynamism.  Sun in Libra seeks balance and cooperation in relationship.  Moon in Aries is emboldened, primal and vital.  Tonight she is the Hunter’s Moon and a SuperMoon to boot. As we move deeper into autumn the days grow shorter and the ante higher.  Our survival instinct kicks in.  This astrological face-off is perhaps the starkest of all the oppositions.  Aries begins the astrological year.  It is singular, highly individualistic, and ego driven.  This is not a bad thing.  It is necessary to form an ego and to understand one’s personal desires and dynamics.  Aries is guileless, brutally honest, driven and direct.  Even the most laid back Aries has an edge.  Every soul has to start somewhere and Aries is that zero point.  Libra is interested in relationship and is “other” oriented.  Libra understands opposition but has a difficult time maintaining its individuality, instead seeking common ground rather than polarization.  It’s a far more complex equation than the one presented by Aries.  In Libra we begin our journey toward divine unity.  As we traverse the houses and signs in the northern hemisphere of the chart we learn about the self in relationship to other humans, pair-bonded associations, philosophies, organizations, authorities,  cultures, and finally returning to Spirit.

It is not going to be easy for Libra Sun to persuade the planets in Aries to come across the wheel to have a friendly chat about their common interests.  Tension is high and the atmosphere is dense with distrust and suspicion.  This will be further complicated by Mars and Pluto in Capricorn squaring this whole affair.  The situation can be optimistically described as uneasy.

Mars in Capricorn is effective.  He likes being in Capricorn and is exalted there.  He is able to apply his considerable will and energy to the task at hand.  Unfazed by hard work, he is confident that his labors will bring a good result.  Pluto holds the big picture – the global and galactic vision for transformation at deep levels.  It is clear that we as a planet and a species have reached a point of unsustainability.  We are no longer working for the planet or humanity’s best interests or betterment.  Pluto and Mars intend to do something about it.  Uranus and Eris are on board.  The stage is set.

We are smack in the center of the great transformation.  Pluto is at 15 degrees Capricorn.  Halfway done with his trip through the sign.  Uranus is at 22 degrees Aries.  22 is a master number signifying deployment of strength to reform matter on the physical plane.  Uranus is revolutionary.  His sister, Eris shares his fervor.  Together they are capable of great upheaval and redistribution of energies and resources.  Pluto is slow and deliberate in his approach.  He is intent on total transformation of whatever he touches.  In Capricorn he is attacking structure and authority.  All our notions of “how it’s done” and “how it’s always been done” have got to be radically re-visioned.  They’ve got to go.  Power needs to be redistributed at EVERY level.  Power held selfishly and without regard for all being and the common good will be violently and irrevocably wrested from those who are intent on oppression, the hoarding resources, and persecution of others be they human or animal.  Pluto in Capricorn presided over the American, French, and Industrial Revolutions.  It’s been 250 years.  Tick tock… Time to transform….  Pluto has time on his side and proven staying-power for three simultaneous revolutions.  Do you think he will give up anytime soon?  Not a chance. He’s just winding up for the second half of his transit.

So we are back to the inspirational, innovative and initiative energies of the Cardinal signs. For now.  It’s almost refreshing after 2016’s wander through the house of mirrors and false passageways that constituted our hasty master class in Mutability.  I was beginning to wonder whose hand was at the end of my wrist – or if it was even my wrist.  We have plenty more to learn there but for the time being it’s back to Cardinality.

Our collective shadow is on full display.  There is very little light on the world stage at the moment.  Deceit, duplicity, diaspora, and death saunter about with seeming impunity.  We see but we choose to look away and to forget.  We are easily entertained despite the obvious misery of others.  Our governments have no compass, no charts, and no plans for “we the people”.  Our news sources are laughable – practically non-existent.

As Patti Smith sings:  People Have the Power!  The Women of Pussy Riot know this.  Women are not afraid. And a good many of them are plenty pissed off.  Tick tock – time to transform….  The Divine Feminine is rising and she knows where she’s going.  Tonight the Full Moon rises as Warrior Goddess with Eris and Uranus at her side.  She beckons to us to come with her. Everyone can feel the change in the weather. The wind is blowing.  The Moon is a powerful and continual feminine presence.  As we move toward Halloween and the next New Moon, the veil between the worlds grows thin.  Connect with spirits.  Connect with the revolution.  It’s here and it’s not going anywhere but forward.