Aries Full Moon – October 13, 2019

Aries Full Moon – October 13, 2019
The Full Moon forms today at 20 degrees, 13 minutes Aries at 2:07 pm, PDT and at 9:07 pm GMT. If you’re not suited up for change already – well let me tell you… THE TIME IS NOW! We are approaching a time of swift and decisive changes. The choices you have been making since the Equinox and those that you are making now will set the template the rest of this year; and most importantly, for ALL of 2020 and possibly for the next decade.

The Full Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra are exactly square Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn. Jupiter, at 20 degrees Sagittarius is sextile (60-degree aspect) the Sun, and trine (120 degree aspect) the Moon, mitigating to some extent, the harsh and irrevocable qualities Pluto’s energy in this configuration. Its time get honest about the past, present, and future. This alignment has coalesced in order to prevent further inaction, indifference, inattention, ineptitude, and basic f**king up that we’ve all been guilty of.
Last year on October 11, Mercury was retrograde at 02 degrees Scorpio. This year he entered Scorpio on October 3. Entering what is known as his “shadow period” on October 11 (the weeks before his actual retrograde) at 11 degrees Scorpio. which will be on October 31, at 27 degrees Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio is not exactly impartial or balanced, but his sextile to Saturn in Capricorn at this Full Moon does give him some insight into the realistic probabilities of the coming times. There will be changes. It is likely that a partisan agenda and/or undercurrent of some sort will be afoot… So Happy Halloween and Brexit or not… He will remain retrograde until November 20th when he stations direct at 11 degrees Scorpio. And then it will be ready or not – here we go…

This is perhaps too much specific information, but it gives you an idea of the approaching precision that we’re working with and the very slim tolerances that will be in effect soon. It’s time to face the energies full-on and to work with them in a serious and constructive way. Know what you want and how to bring that into being. Look deeply at your life and acknowledge that there have been no accidents; that everything must be balanced and reconciled. There is only the truth of what you/we have done, what we will do, and what is/will be.
We are separating from that past time now – and most especially from the first two decades of the 21st century. What is true at your core? How can you balance the intellect, emotion and physical reality of your life? Uranus in earthy Taurus is showing each of us and all of us what we value, why we value it, and how to physically, emotionally, and intellectually manifest those situations and qualities. Jupiter in the final phase of his tour of his home sign of Sagittarius wants to reveal the truth of EVERTHING now. He’s ready if you are. Take good notes. Open to his expansive truth if you dare. There’s plenty to learn and he won’t be back in Sadge for another 12 years. Get it now or
do without for a while…

Don’t look back – Ok – you can look back some – but not on a regular basis – PLEASE! Look at your energy and the energy of what surrounds you. Stay close to your Values, close to the Earth and her spirits, and be mindful of the Future. If your observations and feelings tell you that change is necessary – for God’s sake LISTEN and ACT! We’re headed into some fast times.

May the odds be always in your favor!