Aquarius New Moon/Solar Eclipse – February 15, 2018

Aquarius New Moon/Solar Eclipse – February 15, 2018

The New Moon forms tomorrow at 27 degrees, 07 minutes Aquarius at 1:05 pm PST and at 9:05 pm GMT.  We are in the dark.  The Lunar New Year begins at the end of the week, ushering in the Year of the Dog.  There’s a weird undercurrent – an unsettling and unnamable something traveling throughout our cosmic neighborhood, our consciousness, in our bodies, our blood, and throughout our universe.  We’re all feeling it.

The New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse resonates with the Solar Eclipse of February 15, 1999, which fell at 27 degrees, 15 minutes Aquarius.  Can you recall that time?  What has changed?  What has come around again for review?  Tomorrow’s eclipse is visible from South America, the South Pacific and Antarctica.  There’s nothing for most of us to see but plenty to feel for sure – especially when you factor in the total solar eclipse of las August 21st opposite this one.  And don’t forget January’s total lunar eclipse.

So how are you feeling?  How is your perception?  Can you trust it?  Can you touch, see, hear, and smell the world around you?  Can you sense the variances and changes in tolerances? Are you feeling like a wild dog or cat; sniffing the air, pricking up your ears, adjusting to the sensory input you’re receiving?  There’s a big shift coming.  Humanity is at an evolutionary crossroads.  And we’re all going to get to experience this together.  Remember – Either we all go or no one goes.

Human experience and life here on Earth is up for grabs.  The Aquarian South Node is played out.  All head and no heart makes Jack an emotionally stunted mess.  There’s no clever fix for what ails us.  Empiricism only goes so far and it seems that we’re getting to the end of that rope – at last.  Judgement of others?  Not useful at all.  Take your own inventory, as the saying goes.  Start there.  North Node in Leo demands full ownership and dominion over the self.  Full disclosure of yourself to yourself.

Mercury conjuncts the Sun and the Moon at the eclipse and then speeds off with the Moon, away from Aquarius and into Pisces.  There they will join Venus, Neptune, and Chiron on Saturday.  By Monday the Sun will have joined the Pisces party.  And this is where everything gets really universal, totally transpersonal, and extremely sensitive and emotional.  It’s an opportunity to connect deeply with the natural world and by extension, with yourself – for you are a natural creature of the Earth.  Time spent in meditation, in nature, in play, in truth and in love is time well spent now.

Getting clear.  Getting to the heart of this place we call our home planet.  Getting clear and coming home to our own hearts.  Use this time to align with Love and Truth.  All of it.  It’s really all we have and quite possible all we need to make the giant leap we’re contemplating.  Love is Real.  That’s what’s important now.