Aquarius New Moon – January 27, 2017

Aquarius New Moon – January 27 2017

The New Moon forms at 08 degrees, 15 seconds Aquarius at 4:08 pm PST on January 27, 2017.  We join together with others of like mind to push humanity forward in Aquarius.  It’s the sign of the visionary, revolutionary, social reformer, innovator, community organizer, and the dreamer of Utopia.  Before the planet Uranus was discovered, Aquarius was ruled by Saturn who also (and still) rules Capricorn.  Aquarians have benefitted from this association.  They possess an innate understanding of social protocols and expectations.  This gives them an advantage when it comes to infiltrating and subverting societal norms.

They can appear endearingly odd and harmlessly wonky as they work tirelessly for social reform and personal freedom.  Uranus is the change-bringer, the revolutionary, and the liberator.  We must not however make the mistake of associating Uranus with progressive or liberal thought.  He is just as capable of supporting conservative and even repressive agendas in the name of “change” and “progress”.  The simple truth is that Uranus and Aquarius support upheaval and change in the social order.  Uranus is the original Sky God.  His behavior is unpredictable – much as weather can be fair or foul, one thing that you can depend on is that it will change without a moment’s notice.

Whatever we’ve just been through; especially these last six months – call it what you will – it’s been dense, intense, and profoundly destabilizing.  And it shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.  Uranus the revolutionary and Pluto the transformer are once again in square.  The cardinal energies demand action.  Governments and Social Order (Pluto in Capricorn), versus Personal Freedom and Collective Idealism (Uranus in Aries) are somewhat at odds, but at the same time require the similar radical adjustments.  They have more in common than you or they might think.  Both planetary energies must re-calibrated, re-focused, and finally revitalized.

The Cardinal grand crosses of the recent past caused violent clashes and called attention to the need for adjustment in these areas.  For the most part, few actual adjustments were made.  Not much really changed.  The return of the cardinal energies is now focused on specific revisions and ultimately on reformation.  The pressure to change is intensifying.  The response to this has been a worldwide retrenchment of governments and populations.  There has been a marked global shift; a pulling back into conservative and isolationist politics, old rhetoric, and repressive policies in an attempt to maintain or return to some mythical, totally outdated, and unrealistic version of a simpler more manageable past that never really existed.

Venus squares Saturn just hours before this New Moon.  It can be challenging to find a bright spot in the current landscape. But the square allows us to focus, refine and realign our judgements and closely held beliefs.  Saturn in Sagittarius is working hard to assure that we focus on truth – which has proven to be a VERY slippery commodity of late…. Just after the New Moon, Mars moves into his home sign of Aries at 9:38 pm.  He’s been chomping at the bit all day to get a move-on and get back to Aries where he can stretch out, do a few push-ups, march around a bit, and generally let off steam.  He needs to get fit again – get himself back into fighting shape after all that meandering around in Pisces.  Mars in Aries will provide us with the boost we need to get moving again.  Things will really begin to move quickly in the first week of February.  So take a lesson from Mars.  Shake off the ennui and lethargy now.  Start moving.  Venus will follow him into Aries on February 3.

Currently all planets are moving direct.  Jupiter will station retrograde on February 6 at 23 Libra.  He will station direct on June 9 at 13 Libra and return again to 23 Libra in September.  Jupiter loves to expand physically and philosophically.  His retrograde will allow us to examine habits and patterns around beliefs, and our relationship to the truth.  In light of the morass and mire surrounding current popular ideas related to the concept of “truth”, this should prove to be an extremely enlightening exercise!

It’s tense out there.  The Aquarian New Moon beckons us to move forward with courage and conviction. We are halfway through Pluto’s transit of Capricorn.  We’re not nearly done.  The changes will continue.  We’re seeing now that’s it’s later than we all (well most of us anyway) thought.  Humans seem to have chosen to try to crawl back into the past.   I don’t think that’s going to work.  It never has.  The corresponding imperative for evolution rather than de-evolution will be all the more harsh, insistent, and painful.  There will be suffering as a result.  There’s no going back.  This is the end of the old regime.  Unfortunately we cannot depend on it to go quietly, gracefully, peacefully, or even equitably in the spirit of good will.  We’re in for more uncertainty and destabilization.  What we can do is to hold personal visions of a loving and peaceful world.  And we can put our shoulders to the wheel and do a little actual work to insure that our vision is manifested as a Utopia worthy of that title.  Or at least something closer to that than what we’ve currently got going.  We’ve got work to do.  Hold the vision of a shining world in a gorgeously glowing universe – spinning, spiraling, and singing to the music of the spheres.  Breathe into the future. Get out there and do the work – whatever that may be.  Then sing and twirl and hold the vision with love.