Aquarius New Moon – January 24, 2020

Aquarius New Moon – January 24, 2020

Today the New Moon forms at 04 degrees 21 minutes Aquarius at 1:41 pm PST and at 9:41 pm GMT, as we celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rat. Another new beginning of a new cycle. The Rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac. He’s clever, lives by his wits, is resourceful, and is the first to act in a situation. It’s New Moon/ New Energy time for sure. The New Moon is a dark time. It is a time to germinate, gather, prepare for the new and to finish the old.

The Aquarian energies and the direct movement of all planets and relevant bodies (no retrogrades currently – all are moving forward now) are much appreciated if you ask me. It’s high octave, high minded and fluid energy that can liberate us from our personal and collective sludge. And it requires us to look ahead and to see the big picture – the REALLY big picture – the one that will blow your mind and change your trajectory and your whole life if you let it. There’s still a lot of discord, anger, “sturm und drang”, wariness, obstacles to get round, and general mayhem that needs to get factored into our processes – but hey: revolution can be messy. And almost nothing happens overnight. So (as I constantly say to myself) try to be patient!

Sun in Aquarius is a lofty position. He’s the third and last air sign. His concern is nothing less than the fate of humanity and the world. Top of the world. The highest mountain. The air is thin up there but the view goes on forever. There’s a lot to observe and factor in. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius is in Taurus, squaring the Sun and contributing to the afore-mentioned obstacles. Uranus hasn’t been in Taurus since the late 1930’s and early 40’s. The vibration of Uranus in Taurus is about what in our physical world has value. It’s a huge question and a big decision – but here we are, lurching forward into the unknown in a major way! It can be best felt by connecting with the earth and her shifting physicality. Earthquakes, storms, droughts, pole shifting… you get the picture. And Aquarius, being so strongly invested in moving humanity forward through thought, individual and collective consciousness, and activity doesn’t always understand the actual physical component of this shift. His vantage point is the highest spot on the Earth. But he does not necessarily register or feel the actual condition of the Earth. So the square aspect has to be worked through. Adjustments need to be made.

This is where YOU show up, speak up, and get moving. And when I say “you” I mean US – all of us. It’s a time of shifting, inquiry, decision, and forward movement. All planets will be direct until February 16. What better time could there be before the rest of the year takes hold and evolves into who-knows-what? Respect your own visions and the visions of others. Be clear about what stays and what goes. We’ve got to liberate our personal and individual selves before we can join together to liberate all beings everywhere. Remember – Not all of us are on the same page… Again, adjustments must be made.

As of this New Moon, the future and the now are fused. Connect to the future and go there. We are here at this time for a reason. The reason is that our souls called out to incarnate into this time to fulfill our souls’ desires in the NOW. This NOW- and were CHOSEN. Understand that. We are here to re-imagine, rebuild, and reform our world. Let’s get busy.