Aquarius New Moon – February 8, 2016

Aquarius New Moon – February 8, 2016

The New Moon forms at 19 degrees, 15 minutes Aquarius at 6:39 am PST on February 8, 2016.  It’s the beginning of the Year of the Fire Monkey.  The Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year at the new moon that falls between January 21 and February 20 – usually the 2nd new moon of the year.  The Chinese Zodiac contains 12 animal signs and five elements.  The animal signs change once a year at the New Year. Each year alternates between yin and yang.  The elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) rotate every two years.  This produces a cycle that takes 60 years to complete.  The Fire Monkey is wild and unpredictable as well as creative and intelligent.  The Fire element is imaginative, intuitive and very active.

This New Moon is ruled by Uranus who is equally wild and unpredictable.  Just about anything can happen now.  Uranus is the bringer of change, the revolutionary, and in this case, the one who slams the door shut on 2015 and January 2016, which was a rather nasty, jagged, and unsettling month.  Saturn trines Uranus at this New Moon.  A couple of days ago Venus was conjunct Pluto and square Uranus.    And don’t forget that the Uranus-Pluto square is still in effect, still potent, and still potentially problematic.  These aspects are fractious.  Situations can turn on a dime and head south very quickly.  Everyone is on a hair trigger.

As the modern ruler of Aquarius, (Saturn is the original traditional ruler), Uranus has a certain clarity and non-emotional, detached, objective attitude toward change.  You’ve often heard me say, “You can’t have change without change.”  And that about sums it up.  Uranus and the sign of Aquarius are have the reputation of being radical.  They are not very particular about how change comes about – only that it does. We must be ready for radical situations to occur and for radical solutions to be put forth.  We must not, in these circumstances, be attached to any particular outcome. Things will move quickly and perhaps very haphazardly.  It is critically important that we not resist the changes we are about to experience, but that we be fully present and move with the energy. We must be ready for ANYTHING!  We will have Saturn in Sadge to thank for this ability to remain strong but flexible in this energy. Thank God Saturn has the big picture firmly fixed in his sights while he’s in Sagittarius.  He’s still capable of being a prig when it comes to facts and figures – but, well, no one’s perfect.

Mars in Scorpio is squaring the Sun and Moon at this New Moon. This year, Mars will be in and out of Scorpio and Sagittarius until August due to his retrograde.  Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio.  He wields much power and influence in that sign.  Scorpio has dominion over intimate relationships, shared resources, and the process of death, transformation, and rebirth.  Scorpio has an innate understanding of the regenerative journey from one lifetime through death and onto the next lifetime.  When this knowledge is coupled with the will to power, strength, indefatigable drive, and courage of Mars, there is little if anything that can stand in the way of this sign/planetary combination.   Mars in Scorpio is a loyal and powerful friend.  He can also be a ruthless and dangerous enemy.  Mars in Scorpio is deeply intensely passionate.  Not so the Sun and Moon in Aquarius.  The Luminaries acquire an altruistic, lofty, and humanitarian aura in this sign.  Aquarius is where we join together to move humanity forward.  The Aquarian agenda is not personal; it is centered in the collective well-being of all.  Scorpio’s passionate power, relentless energy and mystical propensities don’t sit well with Aquarius.  Aquarians operate at a much more transpersonal frequency.  And so there is much to reconcile here. They both believe in and attend to the processes of change.  Scorpio is concerned with the individual’s experience of transformation while Aquarius is concerned with societal and universal transformation.  The energy is similar but the end results are quite different.  This aspect will provide us with the opportunity to work at both personal and transpersonal levels.  By raising our personal and collective awareness simultaneously impact our communities and individual selves.  The rising tide lifts all boats and we all arrive together.

This is the Age of Aquarius – but it’s not the one made so popular in the old song.  There’s advanced technology, utopian idealism, and the clean pure air of freedom, universal brotherhood, and platonic love.  And there’s also a tendency toward fascist one-size fits all societies, dictators, and apocalyptic dystopias.  Idealism can cut both ways.  Collective well-being can be taken to mean many things… Just keep that in mind as we move forward.  It can go either way.

We have seen many well-known musicians and personalities leave the planet in the last month.   Musicians in particular have a special relationship to time and space.  They understand and are comfortable the universality of these things – states of being – and they work with great skill both with and against them.  Perception is everything.  Especially now with the preponderance of mutable energies.  What you see, how you see, feel, and process it – literally shapes your reality.  Be very aware.  This New Moon is a whole new chapter.  It is especially important that you refine and craft your intentions carefully at this time.  Do not get ahead of yourself.  Work in the present tense.  Do not resist what is occurring now.  Perception is everything.  Transformation is imminent.   We will be moving very quickly.  Be ready for anything.


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