Aquarius New Moon – February 4, 2019

Aquarius New Moon – February 4, 2019
The New Moon forms at 15 degrees, 45 minutes Aquarius tomorrow at 1:03 pm PST and 9:03 pm GMT. The aspects are rough but I bet you already know that! Are you just barely coping while sensing and actually seeing the glittering future? You’re not alone.
Let’s talk about the eclipses. The Total Lunar Eclipse of the Blood Wolf Moon that occurred on January 20-21, and the earlier Partial Solar Eclipse that took place on January 5. We’re still feeling them. And we will continue to feel them for months yet. Eclipses occur every six months but they resonate much longer and further than you might expect – especially if they aspect your natal chart or the chart of the country you live in by transit.
We are sick at my house. We’re not really in the mood for this – whatever this gigantic re-set is. But I’ll tell you what: there is no way that we – me, my husband, my friends, and associates… You, your family and friends, total strangers, and the people we all see on the bus or in the car next to us – NONE of US is going to skate through this unscathed. Instead of driving around and watching random insects commit suicide on your windshield – it’s now more like driving around and having turkeys hit your windshield! MUCH more difficult to ignore. Bugs were last year. Large flying objects are this year – especially if you refuse to look up and see them coming.
Eclipses travel in cycles. We’re suffering from toxic build-up in more ways than I can count. The January eclipses are a massive beacon to get you to look at what is holding you back. It’s “Oversized Trash Pick-Up Day” in your neighborhood. Dump that old moldy shit! I mean really – are you so maudlin that you enjoy picking over your defeats and fears? As uncertain and uncomfortable as it may seem, there is a bright side just now – Jupiter and Venus were in conjunction all last week, auguring good things – AND Jupiter is in the sign of his rulership ALL YEAR. He is a powerful force and ally. Don’t forget that! And those of you with Pisces placements have my official permission to re-adopt Jupiter, your original ruler for the coming year. Once he leaves in the fall he won’t be back for another 12 years. Don’t miss this opportunity!
Uranus at 28 Aries is moving direct toward Taurus. He retrograded back into Aries last year. This time it’s for good. He won’t be back for another 84 years after he finished this transit 7 years from now. Things begin to push forward as Uranus (who made 7 exact squares to Pluto between 2012 and 2015 – Remember that?) conjuncts Mars at 29 degrees Aries (between Feb. 1 – 12) and Mars squares Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn/Aries. The time is now. No more hand-wringing and wondering if you can trust your deepest feelings, thoughts, intuitions. With Chiron in the last degrees of Pisces, this is the time to heal old programs and extreme toxicity through action. Mars, Uranus, and Pluto will give you the energy and personal authority to make necessary decisions for yourself. Watch out for needless quarreling. Have we been here before? Yes, we have- but not like this. Do not turn away from these truths and the power of this time.
It’s hard not to take this “storm” personally. But the truth is: EVERYONE on this planet is going through their own version of IT. Feeling the pull but being unable to make the first step is torturous. Don’t do this to yourself! All the planets are moving direct now. It’s going to go faster and faster.
The dark of the Moon is a powerful time for releasing. Doubly and triply so now. While we’re still in the wake of the powerful Full Moon Eclipse of last month – do it. We have another 3 eclipses coming up on July 2, (Total Solar), July 16, (Partial Lunar), and December 26, (Annular Solar). DO NOT MISS THIS!
Please, please, please… Do the work, make the decision. Make the move. The momentum is unbelievable.

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