Aquarius New Moon – February 11, 2021

Aquarius New Moon – February 11, 2021

Today’s New Moon in Aquarius presents at 23 degrees at 11:05 am PST in broad daylight here in the United States and at 7:05 pm GMT. It seems like it’s been a long time between lunations – but it hasn’t. Everything is right on schedule.
We’ve all been through a lot since March of 2020. We’re in a large swath of spacious nothingness. It’s disturbing but interesting. These open spaces are crammed with possibility that is in many cases, still unrevealed to our human minds and eyes. And it’s not a bit surprising given the wildly polarizing and specious information we’re being fed by our governments and news outlets. It becomes especially confusing when we attempt to juxtapose the lockdown mentality of the pandemic against what is actually a forbidden field of endless possibility and renewal. These are hair-trigger and combustible times. Humans are not a patient species and a lot of them are ready to snap. “It” has been coming down the pike for a long time now. Like since 1962… one of our most dramatic and dangerous times here on planet Earth. And here we are.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury rx, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, Pallas Athena, are all in Aquarius tonight. Aquarius is a forward-looking sign. He’s extremely future-oriented and sensitive to the condition of all the creatures and life forms of earth – especially humans .As a fixed Air sign he has much invested in humanity. However, he can just as easily detach and turn his back when his wisdom falls on deaf ears.

This Aquarius Moon is a call to look ahead and step forward. The tension of the past versus the present is number one on the list of things that need attention. We cannot continue in our ancient and current habits – which haven’t really changed all that much over the course of time. We must embrace forward motion, forward thinking, reform, regeneration, and exploration. Our choices matter enormously. We cannot afford to indulge in hatred, fear, wild speculation, and inaction. It is our duty to attend to and cherish our planet, each other, and all the life forms that populate Earth. We must love ourselves and our fellow creatures. And if we do not get a handle on this disaster it will be the future, us, and our planet that suffers. Aquarius reminds us that we are all unique, all equal, and all in this together – all poised on the edge of an evolutionary imperative – Transform or Die. Yep – at the end of the day – unfortunately – it’s just about that simple.

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter form a triple conjunction from February 11 – 14 insuring a pleasant Valentine’s weekend and encouraging cooperation, open minds and hearts, while Saturn, the ancient and now co-ruler of Aquarius makes a square to Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius who is stuck in Taurus. Not that Taurus is a bad place – but as I’ve said before, there’s not a lot for an innovative and creative guy like him to do in a fixed Earth sign. He gets antsy. He causes earthquakes and fires. He fiddles with finance. This occurs on February 17.

Uranus corresponds to individuation and the breakdown of outmoded structures and idea. This is the tension inherent in the square between Saturn and Uranus. Squares mark important turning points, letting us know when and how to shift so that we can move gracefully and honestly into the future. To resist this help and information is most likely to result in disappointment and/or failure.

There’s a lot of interaction and aspects within the Aquarium Stellium. Most of the aspects are not especially personal but rather focused on group cooperation and forward movement. One of the best aspects of this lunation is the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter at 13 degrees Aquarius a few hours before the New Moon. They stay close together through the weekend when Mercury aligns with Jupiter on February 14th, initiating collaboration, brainstorming, cooperation, optimism and generosity, emphasizing an Aquarian truth – We can accomplish more by working together than we could separately. Mercury makes three conjunctions with Jupiter this spring. Mercury will end his current retrograde on February 20, 2021. All planets will be in direct motion from that date to April 27, indicating an accelerated time of manifestation.

This New Moon with the Saturn-Uranus square will usher in a time of swiftly moving energies and developments. With Saturn as the old Boss and Uranus as the New Boss there will be that frisson between the Old and the New Orders – The Past begets the Present and the Future and then it steps back and becomes the Recent Past. Keep your eyes open. Are you staying put or moving ahead? I vote for moving ahead – how about you? Let’s just remember the Who song – “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Let’s not do that… again.