Aquarius Full Moon /Partial Lunar Eclipse – August 7, 2017

Aquarius Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse – August 7, 2017

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse peaks at 15 Degrees 25 minutes Aquarius at 11:11 am PDT on August 7, 2017.  Eclipses occur in 19 year cycles at very near degrees of the same sign.  Nineteen years ago this particular eclipse occurred on August 7, 1998 at 15 deg. 30 min. Leo-Aquarius.  Close enough!   Each eclipse belongs to a different “family” of eclipses called a Saros Series.  Each series begins as a partial eclipse at the North or South Pole, becoming a total eclipse as it navigates the central portion of the earth and finally becoming partial again as it makes its way to the opposite pole.  This process takes 1,300 years to complete.   Do you remember August 7, 1998?  Can you remember what you were doing then?  What was happening? Chances are very good that you are now ready to take this trajectory to the next level – or- release it completely.

As promised, we have arrived at the summit – the new jumping-off point.  This Full Moon is super-charged because of this eclipse.  It is the fruition of the New Moon of July 23.   The Moon is full in Aquarius tonight.  She is not exactly comfortable in Aquarius.  The Moon likes her memories, private thoughts, and feelings.  Aquarius is oriented to the future, subscribes to group mind, and would rather not deal with messy emotions.  But this coupling is indicative of where we (Earth’s inhabitants) are at right now.   We are faced with what we know in our gut will be BIG CHANGES. We have no idea really – WTF is going to happen!  Our big brains think we’re ready for anything but our gut knows that’s just  bossy-brain-bravado.  There’s a lot of uncertainty and actual fear lurking around the edges now – darting in and out of our body-mind-spirit self.  And it feels very personal and discreet on one level while at the same time seeming absolutely universal and pervasive at another level.  The truth is:  it’s both.  There’s no getting around it. This eclipse is personal.  The Solar Eclipse on August 21 will be universal and will impact the collective much more than individuals.

Sun in Leo at his best, is the benevolent ruler; heart-centered, joyous, generous, and creative.  At his worst he is narcissistic, petty, selfish, egotistic, demanding, and a tyrant.  As the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun a shadow is cast upon the surface of the Moon.  Moon in Aquarius, riding with the South Node (pictures of the perfect past) is already in her head but this event throws her deeper into shadow, doubt and fear.  Her emotional nature is not calmed by Aquarian promises of a better world, yet she knows that change is afoot and that she must move with the tide of events.  She must release her pictures of some idyllic Aquarian past and awaken to the inevitability of a great unknown Leonine future.  And as always, it can go either way or both…  We just don’t know.  Not knowing is not necessarily an occasion to pump up the fear machine.  It can simply be an exercise in or a state of not knowing.  Really – it doesn’t have to escalate!

Between now and the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, we must make our choices and set our course.  The decisions and choices that are made or not made now will have long lasting reverberations.  Our world as we know it is going to change.  Uranus, the planet of change, revolution and the modern ruler of Aquarius stationed retrograde on August 3.  He is actually stationary in Aries now and will not move Rx until September. So, supportive as he may be, his effectiveness is muted at this time.  There is a literal laundry list of planetary alignments coming up between now and August 21.  And those are just the major aspects.  And oh yeah – Mercury retrograde – you can pencil that in for August 12 through September 5.

The next 4-5 weeks are NOT a good time to implement a change of course or to make a new beginning.  This is the time to really get clear about what you want and where you want to be.  It should not be that difficult.  You know your own heart and you know what you’ve got locked away in there.  Let it out.  Permanently.  Take a long drive with your fears and leave them out on the highway somewhere. They are not helping you. They are not keeping you “safe”.  They are keeping you small, ineffective and miserable.  Go to a place you LOVE.  Go where YOU want to go.  Do what you LOVE. Do what YOU want to do.  Align with your own desires. The North Node in Leo insists:  “Know thyself.  To thine own self be true. Always choose love.”  How can we navigate this?  How can we take radical responsibility for our sovereign self?   We love ourselves and we love each other that’s how.  We tell the truth.   We banish fear.  We are brave.  And as my dear friend Angela says, “We just love.”  Do that.

See you at the “Great American Eclipse”.


A Basic List of What’s Ahead

August 5:  Sun quincunx Neptune (15 Leo- Pisces)

August 7: Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon (16 Aquarius – Leo)

August 9:  Sun quincunx Pluto (17 Leo – Capricorn)

August 10: Mars quincunx Neptune (14 Leo-Pisces)

August 11: Venus trine Neptune (13 Cancer – Pisces);

August 12: Mercury RX (12 Virgo) D+ September 5 (28 Leo)

August 13: Sun trine Saturn (21 Leo – Sagittarius)

August 15: Venus opposite Pluto (17 Cancer – Capricorn)

August 16: Mars quincunx Pluto (17 Leo – Capricorn)

August 18: Venus quincunx Saturn (21 Cancer – Sagittarius)

August 20: Sun trine Uranus (28 Leo-Aries); Sun Quincunx Chiron (28 Leo – Pisces)

August 21:  Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon 11:26 am PDT (29 Leo)