Aquarius Full Moon – July 31, 2015

Aquarius Full Moon – July 31, 2015

The Full Moon forms at 07 degrees, 55 minutes Aquarius at 3:42 a.m. PDT on July 31, 2015.  It’s the proverbial Blue Moon as it’s the second full moon of the month.  This isn’t as rare an occurrence as you might think.  Two full moons fall within the same calendar moth every couple of years.  If we didn’t have calendars or the calendar system we currently employ we might never notice this so-called phenomena.  The Farmer’s Almanac used to circle the 4th Full Moon of any given season with a blue pencil – hence the moniker “Blue Moon”, as in – “Once in a Blue Moon”.  Or in other words – not very often.  This is also the time of Lughnasadh also known as Lammas, the third of four cross quarter days/ fire festivals in the ancient Celtic and modern Wiccan calendar.  It is the celebration of the first harvests.  It is a celebration of community.

The Moon in Aquarius supports this celebration.  Aquarius, after all, is the sign that is most concerned with moving humanity and all sentient beings forward in greater harmony and community toward a greater good.  In this time of Leo Sun, the energies of the individual are highlighted and celebrated.  But the Aquarius Full Moon reminds us that we do not succeed or fail alone.  We are dependent on the cooperation, assistance, and largess of our fellow beings.  The Waterbearer generously draws down the ethers and inspirations of the stars, pouring them upon the earth to nourish and encourage cultivation and civilization here on Earth.  This star-stuff is our essence.   It is in Aquarius that the artful impulses of Leo are released into the world where they become actual art forms that teach, transform, and ultimately shift human perception and behavior.  This is the axis of Art with a capital A.  The arts create culture.  Culture fosters civilization.  Civilization begets community.  Community nurtures and supports the individual.  And round and round it goes.

We’ve been having an interesting summer so far don’t you think?  The alignment of Venus and Jupiter has been spectacular.  What a show!  We’ll get one more conjunction out of this pair on August 4th.  They will be very low in the sky.  Venus will set a little before 9:00 pm and Jupiter a little after.  We will lose sight of Venus as she makes her journey through the underworld, reappearing on August 23 when she rises as the morning star at about 6:00 am.  And we all know that Venus has been and will continue to be retrograde in Virgo/Leo until September 6.  The last Venus Rx was in the spring and early summer of 2012 when she spent what seemed like FOREVER in Gemini.  And If I were you I would look there for clues as to how and what you are feeling now…

It’s not just Venus.  Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron are retrograde too!  So you’re not imagining things if you feel like you’ve been on a journey through the past.  Thankfully, Saturn will station direct on August 1 at 28 Scorpio.  That’s enough of that!  But it will take a good amount of time before he returns to 5 degrees Sagittarius.  November 12th to be exact.  Yes, yes, he’ll be in Sadge from September 18th forward… but Aye-yi-yi… what a long strange schlep it will have been!

The first week of August is like the last week of finals.

7/31 Full Moon (07 Aquarius)   Venus continues Rx in Leo.

8/1   Saturn goes direct.   (28 Scorpio)

8/3   Jupiter square Saturn.   (28 Leo-Scorpio)

8/4   Venus and Jupiter conjunction #2.   (29 Leo)

8/5   Venus square Saturn.  (28 Leo-Scorpio)

8/6   Mercury conjunct Venus (28 Leo) and square Saturn (28 Leo- Scorpio)

8/7   Mercury conjunct Jupiter (29 Leo)

8/8   Mars enters Leo

Whew!!!  Nowhere to run.  Nowhere to hide. 

This is the heart of summer.  The Coeur de Leon.  The heart of the Lion.  And it is a final exam.   The adjustments that we are obliged to consider in light of the aspects listed above set the desires of the individual in high relief against the requirements of living in intimate connection and relationship with others. The Full Moon in Aquarius wants to know what’s going on here!  What the hell are we, the humans, doing here on this earth?  Can we be trusted with this planet?  Or are we just apex predators trying to outdo each other and helping ourselves to other species as we see fit?  The senseless, illegal, and brutal murder of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe is but one glaring example of how violent and cruel we can be.  Oh – and then there’s war.  We seem to need plenty of that!  Think of what we do to each other.  See how we treat our fellow creatures.   It’s time to get our minds right.  Time to account for our actions.  Time to get our ethics and actions to align.  Walk the talk.  Put up or shut up.  No more sloppy, haphazard, “good enough”, “close enough”, “fine for now” thinking.

So do you think you can be trusted to protect the planet?  Do you think we’re fit guardians for this Earth?  Look into your heart.  Find the artfulness required for living in harmony and respect with your fellow beings.  Make a commitment to our planet and our stars – to all planets and all stars and all sentient beings everywhere to cherish all life forms and all civilizations.  Make this Earth and this life you’re living here, a work of ART with a capital A that will truly have resonance and harmony through all the times yet to come. This Full Moon is a harbinger.  Pay attention!  We cannot afford to live in separation any longer.