Aquarius Full Moon – Belated- August 15, 2019

Aquarius Full Moon – Belated – August 15, 2019

The Full Moon formed at 22 degrees, 24 minutes Leo, yesterday morning at 5:29 am PDT and at 12:29 pm GMT. The Leo – Aquarius axis covers the territory from embodied and independent self-expression where the self in clarified and celebrated in Leo, to the innovative and possibly even revolutionary state of being represented by Aquarius with its imperative for collective unity and the resulting forward movement of humanity. It’s a tall order.

There’s a fair amount of Leo energy connected to this Aquarius Full Moon. Mercury, Venus, Mars and Sun are all in Leo now, increasing the voltage and intensity of this lunation. The Moon and Sun were enormous last night as they opposed each other at sunset! This is cosmic superhighway; the transition from the physical heart to the universal mind and spirit. What begins in the heart is transformed through pure physical energy until it reaches escape velocity rocketing across time and space to it’s polarity point and then bouncing back again to reinvigorate itself. This is the axis of all the Art and all the progress the world has known – how it comes about, how it’s conceived, made and refined – and how it comes to resonate across infinite time and space – forever – and how it finds its place within our physical and spiritual bodies – and finally into our DNA.

Venus was conjunct the last New Moon and is even more closely aligned with this Full Moon at 22 degrees Leo. There is a strong pull toward re-aligning and clarifying our relationships now. Venus’s placement and aspects in a chart shows one’s preferences and requirements for relationship and lifestyle. Pay attention to your preferences and desires now through August 24 when Venus will conjunct Mars and the Sun in Virgo; and again on August 26-29th, when Venus, Mars and the Sun in Virgo trine Uranus (retrograde) in Taurus. Venus rules Taurus. Uranus is ruled by Aquarius who rules this lunation. Virgo is the sign of the “competent woman” who is perfectly capable of managing her own affairs without assistance. There’s a lot of relationship readjustment on the table. And a lot of sparks in the air. Whether you are male or female, make use of this time to recalibrate and to make your intentions and expectations clear – to yourself and others.

There is much uncertainty now – probably more than many of us have ever seen before. It’s difficult to entertain this much ambiguity. The unknown challenges that lie ahead are just that – unknown. These coming months, especially between now and the next eclipse on December 26, are critical to our ability to cope with the changes that will occur in 2020 and going forward. Now is the time to employ your “ART” – whatever that may be – Music, Painting, Drawing, Writing, Dance, Yoga, Poetry, Gardening, Psychic Abilities, Mountain-Climbing, Chemistry, Medicine, Space Exploration – WHATEVER IT IS…..remember the trajectory – Send it from your human-heart-physical self out to the collective universal heart where it will echo and infinitely inform Time, Space, Humanity and all Lifeforms Everywhere – NOW and FOREVER.

My apologies for the tardiness of this Full Moon report. As I’m sure you would agree – it’s been a little weird lately… Thank you for your patience. I’ll see you at the New Moon.