Aquarius Full Moon – August 20-21, 2013

Aquarius Full Moon – August 20 – 21, 2013


The Full Moon forms at 28 degrees, 11 minutes Aquarius at 6:45 pm PST on August 20, 2013 and at 1:45 am GMT on August 21, 2013.  I bet you’re saying, “Hang on, we just had a full moon in Aquarius back in July!”  And yes you would be correct in saying that.  This is the second full moon in Aquarius making this a so-called “Blue Moon”.  This can happen one of two ways that I’m aware of.  The first is having two full moons in the same sign in the same month.  The second is having two full moons in the same sign in the same season as in this instance of having two full moons this summer in Aquarius in separate months.  Or, four total full moons instead of three in one season.  So there you have it.


Is this Full Moon the revelation you expected?  Have the events of the last month taken you by surprise?  The first Aquarian Full Moon was a call to clarity, creativity, and truth.  The Leo-Aquarius polarity empowers both the individual and the collective.  It is the singular transformed into the multitude and reborn as One.  At the New Moon we began a new cycle aided in large part by the new and assertive energies of Jupiter in the cardinal water sign of Cancer.  Just after the Leo New Moon Jupiter made his first of three exact oppositions to Pluto and now, several hours after this Full Moon, he makes the first of three exact squares to Uranus.  Jupiter in Cancer introduces the active variable of human feeling into the energies of the squares. This cardinal quality of action based in an ethical/feeling stance changes the dynamic of the squares.  By adding an imperative for emotional integrity, Jupiter adds a new dimension to the power struggle between Uranus and Pluto and humanizes it.


On Thursday, August 22, the Sun will move into Virgo.  Two days later, Mercury will follow.  Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and he will be at his analytical best in Virgo.  He enjoys being in Virgo.  Here he deals with knowledge that is useful rather than simply interesting.    Venus is already in Libra, getting ready for her part in the Back to School Drama Club presentation of Venus square Pluto and opposition Uranus – or The Grand Cardinal Cross of Late August 2013.  It’s a short run, August 24 – 27, and it’s over by the Labor Day weekend.  But it promises to be a box office smash – or at least some sort of smash….  On August 24, the play opens with Venus squaring Pluto.  Relationship/ power issues will be up for sure.  And there’s a sub-plot about hidden agendas and secrets.  Heavy themes for Act I – but these are transformational times – we might as well get it all out on the table.  Sudden and strange attractions are likely to occur on August 26 as Venus opposes Uranus.  These attractions are just as likely to evaporate or explode under this aspect.  August 26 also brings a Sun in Virgo opposition to Neptune in Pisces.  This opposition will take place offstage in a filmy haze of facts, figures, fascination and fantasy.  Mercury will be watching the entire time.  Oh, and don’t forget that Jupiter is still opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all.


We’ve come a good distance since that other full moon in Aquarius.  July 22nd seems a far distant date now.  At the end of July we experienced the Star of David/ Diamond Tetrahedron formation on July 29.  This was an enormous opportunity to work with universal energies of a rare and special nature.  But things have changed again.  July’s energy has morphed into something more substantial.  Jupiter’s presence in Cancer is changing the astro-landscape.  Uranus went retrograde just before the first full moon in Aquarius and just before Mercury went direct in Cancer.  At that time I stated that Uranus is a ruthless truth-seeking radical who wants revolution and freedom at any cost.  I will say again;  change is happening.  The vortex of revolution and transformation is gaining momentum.  This is no foolin’ around.  The Cardinal signs demand action and action they will have!  The Arab Spring of 2011 is now the Arab Summer of 2013 with more countries getting ready to join the fray.  Egypt is in chaos.  The current frisson will deepen and it will spread.  The truth may not be pretty but it is still true.


How is your emanation?  Have you taken the opportunity to align your physical and emotional reality with what you know to be true for you a soul level?  Please do this.  If we can each do this for ourselves, it will be an enormous help to the collective.  And perhaps the passage through the eye of the needle won’t be quite so painful if we all go through together, leaving no one behind.  With faith and love all things are possible.


Maverick's Labyrinth Full Moon 8.20.13 Eliz. Barton