Aquarius Full Moon – August 18, 2016

Aquarius Full Moon – August 18, 2016

It’s getting interesting again.  The Full Moon forms at 25 degrees 51 minutes Aquarius at 2:26 am, PDT and at 9:26 am GMT on August 18, 2016.  Some say that this is an eclipse.  But truly and technically it is not.  The degrees of the Sun – Moon polarity are too far from the North Node of the Moon to produce eclipse conditions.  The Earth’s shadow will just miss the Moon.  It’s close-ish – but not close enough.  And we don’t really need any eclipse-mongering speculation and hysteria just now. This is the run up to the big show – a prefiguring of events and emotional states to come.  Right now we have other things to think about.  The Annular Solar Eclipse coming up on September 1 and the Lunar Eclipse that follows on September 16 have plenty to recommend them if you’re in the market for excitement.

The Aquarian Full moon is a yearly check in with our progress toward the so-called “Age of Aquarius”.  Aquarius is forward-looking and ultimately concerned with pushing humanity forward to a better and more utopian state of being and living.  Change is the Aquarian’s mandate.   A tall order to be sure.  And one that is incredibly vague and open to a very wide number of interpretations. Sometimes it is change for the “better” or change for the “worse” And sometimes it is simply change for the sake of change.

Many political factions worldwide have become increasingly and obviously entrenched in their own rhetoric in the last 12 months.  This is partially a product of the Mutable Grand Cross of June and the preponderance of mutability in general.  As always, perception is everything.  The Neptunian floods of 2016, the literal flow of refugees from around the world across borders, the ebb, flow, and fluctuation of Markets and currency values, and the tidal wave push toward globalization have made the “people” (the Moon in a country’s chart) uneasy.  The Moon wants nothing more than the security of comfort of the past.  She soon forgets the bad old days and clings to the rosy pictures of her past, idealizing them and yearning for their return.

Fundamentalist/Conservative factions have gained significant numbers of new followers and are now purporting to pursue a practical, tried and true agenda that will result in a change away from so-called Aquarian ideals and a return to the Good Old Days – whatever they were…  At the same time, Progressive/Moderate groups have stepped forward in equal numbers proposing a more futuristic and egalitarian approach to our situations.

These ideologies have little if any common ground.  What does unite them is fear of RADICAL solutions on both ends.  The radical can and does emerge at both ends of the political spectrum.  Make no mistake – Aquarius is not all positivity and good will although they will have a definite agenda and structure that they believe in with their entire being.  He/she can present in the form of Aquarians Dick Cheney, or Yoko Ono.  Aquarians are unique in ways that continue to delight, confound and unsettle the rest of us.  And of course we must remember that Aquarius advocates change for everyone but themselves.  Being a fixed sign they generally feel quite good about being whom and where they are. It is the world that must change – not them.  However, most Aquarians are eager and willing to get onboard with social reform and change.

So it is this radicalness, this need for change at a fundamental and thorough level that is so threatening and at the same time so very necessary. And we cannot predict how the karmic cookie will crumble.  Uranus is a wild card and the Lord of Chaos.  Chaos is most definitely change – just not the sort of change most people want.  It is, however, always a possibility. Today Uranus in fire sign Aries, the planet of radical change and revolution trines the Sun in Leo and sextiles Full Moon.  This creates what’s known as a 3:4:5 triangle or a Pythagorean Triple – a natural harmonic.  The Moon’s participation in this harmonic shows that the “people” are ready for change.  How will this change manifest?  And when?  Uranus has been in Aries, the sign of initiation of spirit into matter, since 2011.  He will leave Aries for another 84 years in 2019.  The will and desire for change is strong now.  Once we reach a Taurean state of affairs, the inspirational innovative fire will die down.  We will be concerned with the earthy, practical matters and most especially money and resources.

Mars, the ruler of Aries is in fire sign Sagittarius heading straight for a conjunction with Saturn on August 24.  Mars in Sagittarius is active, aggressive, courageous and motivated.  Saturn is disciplined, obdurate, and in Sagittarius, determined to discover the truth of situations.  This is an uneasy combination.  It does have the positive potential to render judgments of a courageous and unexpected sort with an eye toward speedy resolution of long-standing frustrations and inequalities.  Or – it may manifest as a metaphorical car crashing into a very old and very sturdy stone wall. I guess the question is:  How much more ready for change do we have to be?

There’s so much going on right now!  Too much to discuss here…

Here’s a list of the major aspects occurring between now and the end of August:

8/18 Full Moon Aquarius

8/19Mercury opposite Chiron (24 Virgo-Pisces)

8/22 Mercury conjunct Jupiter (26 Virgo)

8/24 Mars conjunct Saturn (10 Sagittarius)

8/24 Venus opposite Chiron (24 Virgo-Pisces)

8/26 Mars Square Neptune (11 Sadge-Pisces)

8/27Venus conjunct Jupiter (27 Virgo)

8/29 Mars square Lunar Nodes (13 Sadge, Virgo, Pisces)

8/30 Mercury Rx (29 Virgo – Direct 9/21)

9/1 Annular Solar Eclipse (10 Virgo)

Mutability continues to rule the day!

As above so below.  The Aquarian Full Moon is our mirror. What do you see?  Radical change is afoot at the furthest ends of our known and unknown universe and at the tiniest unseen levels of our physical world and everywhere in between.  The cosmic soup has begun to boil again.   Can we wait another 84 years for another Uranus in Aries cycle?  I sincerely doubt it.  Here we go…  Catch you at the eclipse!