Taurus New Moon – May 11, 2021

Taurus New Moon – May 11, 2021

The Taurus New Moon will be exact at 21 degrees/45 minutes Taurus, tomorrow, May 11, at 11:59 am PDT and at 6:59 pm GMT. The freshness of Spring is slipping away from us. Little by little the citrusy greens of March and April are deepening into richer and more densely pigmented shades that signal the approach of Summer. The Earth and the Air are warm. The wind is pleasing and the sky carries the colors and scents of nature’s unfolding. We feel the gentle movement of earth and sky.  But we are heading into summer – into Eclipse Season – and into the heat of another Summer here on Earth. Tonight’s Taurus New Moon is inching her way out of the darkness into the light – once again beginning her ascent to her Zenith at the Total Lunar Eclipse of the Full Blood Moon in Sagittarius on May 26th.  WOW!


Taurus is the personification of the of deep gratitude for the physical plane. Nowadays, appreciation of our earthly pleasures, beauty, and enjoyments and vistas has become a real art. Too often we miss the opportunity to simply be with our mother Earth and to thank her for all she provides. Earth is not materialistic – but she is the material world we live upon and in. Each year Taurus provides us with a reminder of all the beauty, comfort, spiritual knowledge, and grandeur that is available to us and all the other creatures of Earth.  Now more than ever, we must acknowledge that our planet is in a precarious position and that we must care for her and by extension for ourselves,  by making sure that this Eden will not perish. Not on our watch anyway…


Venus, the ruler of Taurus knows the value of this planet. She is finishing up her time in Taurus as moves into Gemini and squares Jupiter in the last degrees of Aquarius as he moves into 00 degrees Pisces. Jupiter and Venus are both exalted in Pisces – and Jupiter once was the ruler of Pisces – way back before we discovered Neptune with the aid of telescopes.  Tonight Neptune is the sign of his rulership making a sextile (an aspect of opportunity) to the New Moon this evening. Venus, at 3 degrees Gemini, is now in the mix with Mercury, and the North Node –  both also in Gemini. Her square to Jupiter keeps her tied into the Nodal connection as Jupiter rules the South Node in Sagittarius. This nodal opposition is balanced and encourages harmony, flexibility, and easy communication between the occupants of this configuration. Mercury’s recent conjunction with the North Node along with Venus’s conjunction with the North Node one week from now bodes well for this Moon cycle.


There is a deep resonance at work during this period – a very real attempt to rebalance, reclaim and reorient the wild ride we’ve endured in the last year and a half. Neptune sextile the Sun and Moon emphasized the importance of listening to our inner guidance while Pluto’s trine to the Moon speaks to a letting go of outworn beliefs concerning what it means to be in the body,  to interact with nature, and to inhabit our individual personal and planetary power centers.

The Earth is still singing, breathing, providing, changing, comforting, and supporting us. She has her off days – but we all do… Pulling ourselves back into a world of known and unknown possibilities is a slippery slope. We have been through a lot in this last almost 18 months. Collectively we are exhausted. We are also ready to climb into the saddle again. Don’t minimize that. Be kind to yourself – treat yourself to the good things. Enjoy the company of others – But know that we are absolutely – NOT – going back to the way things were. EVER. REALLY.


The next 12-18 months will be a re-establishment. Of Everything.  Forms are changing but the energy continues to flow unimpeded. And there’s not a lot that’s going to stop or re-channel it. We must learn to recognize the energetic fluctuations as they change and evolve. Speak up – use your voice – and your deepest self to be who you are. Remember –

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

The first steps will feel awkward. Keep going.  There will be a lot of undefined energy. Leave room for understanding. We have been cracked wide open. Some of us will not acknowledge that – but it’s true. Stay in your heart and your deepest knowing of the truth of you.

Next up – Eclipse Season.