Virgo Full Moon – February 27, 2021

Virgo Full Moon – February 27, 2021

Tonight’s Full Moon at 08 degrees, 57 seconds Virgo is exact at 12:17 am PST.  This lunation is both a reward and a warning. We are headed toward the increasing light of the Vernal equinox. The interval between now and then is hopeful and at the same time unstable. We continue to dissolve old patterns as we also heal old wounds, and realign with our soul’s intentions.  Our bodies are busy recalibrating and integrating what we’ve experienced over the period between March 2020 and March 2021. According to our regular everyday calendars we are in 2021. But the Astrological Calendar begins at the Vernal equinox – March 20, 2021 (this year) at 2:37 am PST. We are potentially subject to “ascension symptoms” – feeling off-kilter, spacy, prone to fatigue, as well as restlessness and bouts of high energy, emotional/depression/elation swings and outbursts. It will be a wild ride. Give yourself and others some extra love, kindness and encouragement.

Looking back at the Virgo New Moon that occurred on September 17, 2020 we found ourselves at the halfway point of the astrological year. We are just about to finish this cycle with tonight’s Full Moon in Virgo.  All full moons are oppositions. This monthly rebalancing is critical to maintaining our equilibrium. The unification of opposites and their integration into our human-beingness is key to our well-being, and continued existence as a species.

Tonight we find Venus and Neptune in Pisces opposite the Moon in Virgo. Both are very strongly placed here. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces. Venus is very strong tonight. It is unusual for any planet to best Saturn when comparing relative strength in a chart. Tonight Venus is at a strength of 10 while Saturn grumbles at a strength of 9. Oh well – he’ll likely get over it. It’s tough to stay mad at Venus. She is exalted in Pisces and is always an honored and cherished visitor. Together they will do much toward healing and opening our hearts as we expand our notions of what is and is not possible, our view of reality and our connection to our self, our individual soul and most importantly – to each other and all other life forms.

The Full Moon in Virgo occupies a mutable Earth sign, ruled by Mercury. She is sensible, kind, service oriented, analytical, and discerning. She wants to help you and she knows that you want to do whatever it is that you’re doing correctly and thoroughly.  Pisces is a mutable Water sign; emotional, all-encompassing, easy-going, creative, sensitive, selfless, and easily led. Pisces knows that we are all continually “becoming”. We are all in the midst of being and learning how to be Human. They do not judge or insist. When Virgo and Pisces come into balance they serve and help to shepherd us into our chosen destinations, opening our hearts, minds, and souls so that we can make the best use of our time here on Earth.

Mercury has been chasing Jupiter this year. And he’s still hot on Jupiter’s heels at 13 degrees Aquarius and closing in fast on Jupiter’s 16 degrees Aquarius.  I think they’re having fun together like a big dog and a little dog. It’s nice to see them playing right under Saturn’s nose. Of course Saturn is too busy to notice. He’s busy with important decisions as always. And then there’s that infuriating square to Uranus in Taurus! It’s got him seeing double. It’s making him crazy. Uranus has other fish to fry. Like trining the Full Moon who is showing us the way forward as well as a history of where we’ve been lately. The South and North Nodes of the Moon at 16 degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini (ruled by Jupiter and Mercury- coincidence?) respectively, round out the Mutable Cross.  The North Node in Gemini reminds us that flexibility, open-mindedness, and good information goes a long way toward success. South Node in Sagittarius encourages us to release dogmatic rhetoric, xenophobia, and shopworn ideas that no longer serve the collective.  Watch for insights around March 5 when the Sun will square the Lunar Nodes and around March 9 when Venus makes her yearly square to the Nodes. And stay tuned March 10-13 as the Sun, then Venus, and finally Neptune make their yearly conjunction in Pisces.

The mutable energies surrounding tonight’s lunation and the upcoming mutable alignments emphasizes new ways of thinking and considering our trajectories. For most of Human history we have been dictated to and required to behave as we were told. The punishment for that was usually death or something just shy of death. Times have changed – but they could easily change back. It is difficult to question well worn narratives passed down through the centuries. However, at this point we must. And we must persist in questioning authority whether it be Government, Healthcare, Religion, Education, and other forms of authority. If what you are about to do feels “bad” or “intolerable” in your body – back off – anxiety, confusion, and muscle tension are signs that the Idea is false to you or the choice is a bad one.

If you want to see an amazing Full Moon get out there and look. She is beautiful and brighter than I’ve seen her in a long time tonight. Remember, Virgo knows that you want to do –  whatever it is – PERFECTLY. And she and Pisces are always there to help.  And mostly not to judge. Reach out to the Moon. She’s there to guide you home to yourself.