Virgo New Moon – August 25, 2014

Virgo New Moon – August 25, 2014

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The New Moon forms at 02 degrees, 18 minutes Virgo at 7:12 am PDT on August 25, 2014.  The Sun entered Virgo late Friday evening as the Moon lingered in Leo over the weekend.  But today both luminaries are solidly in Virgo.  The New Moon reminds us that we have entered the time of the harvest.  Virgo represents the completed individual.  She is the synthesis of the five previous signs, combining the lessons of individuality and the social responsibilities of the external world.  Virgo takes stock, evaluates, discerns, and comes to a well-reasoned decision.  She is nothing if not thorough.  She is service oriented and seeks perfection and precision.  Virgos want most of all to be useful and effective.  Virgo has very high standards and genuinely wants to move itself and everyone else toward the best of all possible worlds.   She is Mutable Earth.  In that capacity she translates the lessons of the summer.  But she is, above all else, practical and will use all her skills in that direction as she moves us toward the Autumnal Equinox where she will cede her power to Libra.


This New Moon and the Sun in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces.  Mercury, also in Virgo, is in opposition to Chiron in Pisces. Oppositions can represent an unyielding polarity with no possibility of integration or a super highway of opportunity for unity.  The Virgo/Pisces polarity is a gentle one.  Virgo’s concern is with earthly perfection.  Pisces aims for perfection of the spirit.  They are both mutable signs bent on integration and healing.  This opposition grants us enormous power to transmute our earthly wounds and imperfections.  The journey from Virgo to Pisces perfects the imperfect and translates the earthly to the divine.  This is a powerful and welcome signature given the state of our world just now.


And while we’re on the subject of the state of the world…. Here’s the dicey bit.  Saturn and Mars at 17 degrees Scorpio are in exact conjunction at this New Moon and they are squaring Venus in Leo.  This could be sticky and possibly very uncomfortable for a few day – in ways that perhaps we might least expect.  We all know that Mars was cooped up in Libra for the last eight months.  God knows he tried to make the best of it but he was damned near stir crazy by the time he left!  So this jaunt in Scorpio has been fun for Mars; but not necessarily for everyone else!  He stripped off his diplomatic attire on day one and has been marauding about in full battle dress, poking his nose into hotspots all around the globe ever since.  Maybe he’s even been to your house!   He’s only got three more weeks in Scorpio.  Saturn has been in Scorpio for about two years.  He’s been excavating.  He’s been trying to get to the bottom of what’s rotten in Denmark.  So far he’s been pretty successful at uncovering sex scandals, governmental misappropriation of monies and other various and sundry nefarious doings.  Saturn really doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, but he does have a serious sense of responsibility. This aspect could lead to fractious posturing and argument.  It will be easy to take an aggressive stance during this conjunction.  Use the energy of the Neptune/ Chiron opposition to the Sun, Moon and Mercury to counteract the possible ill effects of the Mars/Saturn conjunction.


The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is:  “Two guardian angels; invisible help and protection in times of crisis.”  Amazing!  Protection when we might just need it most!  The Sun and New Moon in Virgo hold the template for earthly perfection as Neptune and Chiron in Pisces hold open the door to divine love and redemption.  Do we dare travel that superhighway of perfected love?  Do we dare to cross the threshold?  Choose love.  Make love count.  It’s really all we’ve got.

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