Sagittarius New Moon – November 26, 2019

Sagittarius New Moon – November 26, 2019

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Today’s New Moon forms at 04 degrees, 03 minutes Sagittarius at 7:05 am PST. I was up and about this morning – looking out my window at the water. I can tell you that the tides were pretty high at that time. Our beautiful Moon was doing her thing this morning tugging at the planet with all her might. I take that as a sign that today we are increasing our ability to handle more. More of what is the question. Ruled by Jupiter, this Moon in Sadge, is expansive, optimistic, and focused as she examines the big questions: What is true now? What needs to change? Who, or what is creating an obstacle? Where do I want to be? Can I trust my feelings and intuition? And most importantly; What do I want? Jupiter is doing his best to assist us in these matters but the truth is that he’s very near to the end of his stay in his home sign. He enters Capricorn in 8 days on December 2. I assure you – it will be an entirely different kettle of fish.

Uranus at 03 Taurus in opposition the Mars at 04 Scorpio presses forward with the issues at hand – shaking us up and insisting that we make some decisions sooner than later. The last year has been about what’s been in your lap and what you intend to do with it. Mars gives us courage, faith, and raw energy to achieve our goals. Uranus at 03Taurus wants to see us choose quality over quantity and to make decisions and radical movements to that effect. The good old status quo will no longer stand you in good stead. It’s time for the BIG change.

With Jupiter, Venus and the Sun all in Sagittarius during the run up to this new moon, there’s an impetus to reach out, expand, magnify, and move toward an amplified version of our desires. Now is the time to manifest the future we desire. Do not deny this impulse. Think about how and where you want to live. Now is the time to make some decisions and commit to a path that will propel you through the coming times which will be, as “they” say, “Interesting”. Jupiter will not return to Sagittarius for another 12 years. Do you want to wait that long? I didn’t think so.

Venus has moved into Capricorn. She and Jupiter were together in Sagittarius over last Sunday. It’s always a beautiful thing to see and feel the two Benefics together heading toward the Galactic Center. Venus loves beautiful things and Jupiter loves to give them to her. They’ve separated now moving ahead as they must. We all have an appointment with the Galactic Center this month. The constellation of Sagittarius points the way. Now is the time. This is the time that we journey to unite with the center. Look up and out. Be the Archer whose aim is true. Do not turn away from the future. Look ahead to the New Year – but don’t wait for it. The time is now.

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