Natal Reading

I practice Evolutionary Astrology which maintains that the Soul incarnates across time and space in order to refine and broaden its experience here on the Earth plane. We will examine the Nodes of the Moon as indicators of past life patterns and present life goals in order to identify your Soul’s desires and trajectory for this incarnation. We will look at planetary and house placements as well the elemental and modality emphases in your chart. This will help us to identify your personal strong suits, areas of clear sailing, challenges, obstacles and adjustments that will help you to optimize your natal chart placements. Specific topics such as career, relationship, creativity, finance and health can be discussed. Your Natal chart is your personal sacred geometry.
Pricing: $125.00   Approximately 90 minutes (Reading is approximately 1 hour long with 30 minutes for questions and clarification)

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  1. Sheree Knickel says:

    Hi Rene
    I am a good friend of Angela’s… and so have heard soo much about you over the last few years, have sat in behind some of her readings, have followed your blog and have been meaning to have my own chart & reading done for some time now – I’m finally back in Australia after living in Guatemala for the last few years and have an income again… soo it seems the day for organizing has finally come 🙂
    I would like to have a Transit Reading but feel I should probably get my Natal Chart read first!? Maybe I could make an appointment to do both in the near future if possible please…
    Let me know what I would need to need to do to organize please 🙂

    • Rene says:

      Hi Sheree,
      I got your message on both my FB page and here on the website. It didn’t post to the Natal reading – so no worries.

  2. Katherine Rich says:

    Hi there! I would like to request a natal reading for our grandson, Salem Jeffrey Walston who was born at 5:22 pm PT, on February 27, 2018.

    I am looking forward to learning what the stars have in store for him!

    Thank you,

    Kathe Rich