Pisces Full Moon – August 26, 2018

Pisces Full Moon – August 26, 2018
The Full moon peaks at 03 degrees, 12 minutes Pisces at 4:56 am PDT overnight tonight here on the west coast of the US. There’s a quietness that”s sparkling and mystical and at the same time rather dull and uninformative – almost mute. There’s an imminence and a distance. It’s as close as a kiss and as far away as a thousand yard stare. We’ve made it out of eclipse season successfully – more or less. Venus moves into square with Pluto at 19 Libra /Capricorn on Sunday. Mars will station direct on Monday, August 27. Mercury is now direct though he will square Jupiter for the third time this year on August 28. So that’s two less retrograde planets to worry about. Saturn will station direct on September 6. There’s a grand trine in Earth. Slowly, slowly we will return to some sort of balance during the first weeks of October.

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But there’s that feeling that something’s either sleeping or coming down the road. What could it be? Whatever it is – it’s something that we don’t quite have words or a blueprint for. This quietness allows us to re-assess and re-invent our approach to the world – which, by the way, is not the same world it was this time last year or even six months ago. It also allows us to clear a space for the completely unimaginable – and to contemplate that possibility.

Pisces is the last sign. There’s very little judgement attached to the Piscean nature. The feeling is one of retirement and preparation rolled into one. It’s where we incorporate and refine our physical and spiritual experience. Tonight’s lunation is tolerant and loving; but it won’t coddle you. You have to be your own minder. Let yourself bask in the all-inclusive light of this Pisces Full Moon and gather strength of a very different sort.

The grand trine in Earth provides stability and calm so that we can fully prepare ourselves for the next passage. It is good to realize how far we’ve come. We’re moving into another phase, another transition, and another set of challenges and rewards. We’re also moving into something that is untried and unknown. So gather your strength, faith, courage, and reality goggles. Make use of this time between the times. Enjoy the Moon in all her splendor tonight.

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