Leo New Moon – August 6, 2013

Leo New Moon – August 6, 2013

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The New Moon forms at 14° 34’ Leo at 2:51 pm PDT on August 6, 2013.In the northern hemisphere we are in the time of the cross quarter day known as Lughnasadh the mid-summer festival marking the beginning of the harvest. This ancient festival offered the first fruits of the season. Berries were collected and made into pies and wine.  The holiday was celebrated with feasting, market fairs, and athletic contests. Today we celebrate in much the same way with county fairs, school and family reunions, and farmer’s markets.  We experience the hottest days of the year during this time but we feel the approach of a new season.


The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is:  “A pageant, with its spectacular floats moves along a street crowded with cheering people… This is the last picture of the series dealing with Combustion… The theatricality of Leo is fully expressed here.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and displays great vitality and nobility.  It is the sign of the good and gracious ruler whose symbol is the Lion.  The combustion spoken of here is the movement of our conscious emanation and fiery rising energy as it makes the journey from the heart to the head and mind.  Leo rules the heart chakra, the physical heart, and the spine.  The Sabian Symbol speaks of a pageant moving through the streets of a city.  The image is one of royalty and its entourage parting the cheering crowds.  It is Royalty’s duty and birthright to embody the presence, emotional heart, and spirit of their subjects.  Leo is the sign associated with royalty.  However ,the divine right of kings is not confined to royalty.  Each of us has a connection to the divine through our sovereign self.  This pageantry is personal and at the same time theatrical, magical and transcendent.   This New Moon opens the heart and the channel along the spine to transport the divine fires of the heart to the mind.  This is a powerful movement and integration that transforms the emanation of the heart as it wends its way up the spinal column to blend with the energies and electrical impulses of the mind, finalizing the sequence of combustion.


The New Moon in Leo brings the opportunity for a new cycle and a new emanation.  Jupiter in Cancer is stepping forward to add his energies to the rich mix we’ve been experiencing.  On August 7, he will make the first of three exact oppositions to Pluto and form the first of three squares to Uranus on August 21, creating a cardinal T-Square for most of the month.  Jupiter’s entrance into Cancer in June put him in position to participate in the Uranus-Pluto squares that will be with us until 2015.  Jupiter in Cancer takes it up a notch, creating five grand crosses through next April.  Prior to his entrance into Cancer, we were dependent on the inner planets and the Moon to activate these crosses and they were naturally of short duration owing to their faster orbits of the inner planets.   But Jupiter’s transit of a sign takes slightly more than one year.  This time the activations of the oppositions and squares will be more sustained and will resonate at both the personal and collective level.  We will see more profound shifts and changes with these alignments.  These changes will tend to be more substantive and permanent.   Jupiter is expansive, generous and philosophical.  His shadow is fanaticism, over-indulgence, and egotism.  There is likely to be both a little and a lot of all this behavior between now and next April when the pattern begins to release.


The shock and awe of the earlier Uranus- Pluto squares and Cardinal Crosses will be slightly tempered.  We have become somewhat accustomed to this energy and it still startles but does not frighten us as it did.  But as we approach the center of the storm; the stakes are getting higher.  We are entering a time when our choices will become more narrow.  Saturn’s trine to Jupiter will keep him from expanding too much and assure that our choices are aligned with physical reality the agenda of change and transformation set forth by Uranus and Pluto.  As we go forward now, choosing one thing will often mean the permanent elimination of another choice.  So far, this has not been the case but very shortly it will be.  This is the nature of true change and choice.  You may have heard the expression:  “You can’t have it both ways.”  It’s like that.  So choose and choose again.  Allow your choices to matter and to refine your situation.  Use the energy of this Moon to debut your new emanation.   See where the unified energies of heart and head will take you.  Enjoy the combustion!                    queen-of-wands-thoth-crop1

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