Aquarius Full Moon – August 3, 2020

Aquarius Full Moon – August 3, 2020

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The Full Moon forms at 11 degrees, 45 minutes Aquarius today at 8:58 am PDT and at 3:58 pm GMT. It’s been a wild summer so far. Whatever residue remains from June and July of Eclipse Season, 2020, Part-1 has come and gone. We’ve moved on from the Cancer/Capricorn energies and into its aftermath – Leo/Aquarius. The previous July 20th New Moon in Cancer was a breath of fresh air compared to the energy of the three eclipses. It was a relatively quiet moment – but not without it’s own anxious momentum.

What should we make of this energy? There’s a feeling of “steady as she goes” at this point which springs from the intensity of the eclipses and our need to cool out. Which is fine. This is not particularly bad advice. It is more wishful thinking than anything else, and perhaps a bit overly optimistic. The temptation is to relax and to wander back into our habits and favorite ways of being. The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are just that – they are fixed. They like to do -what they do – the way they always like do it. So there’s little support for revisiting the lessons of the last three eclipses. We’re just glad that it’s over. But we, all of us, are feeling that “IT” is not really over. And much as we would love to relax and chill – there is quite a lot to explore at this Full Moon. And quite a lot of foreshadowing what’s coming our way.

August is hot. The energy is concentrated. It is the very center of Summer – FIXED and STEADY. The Sun is at his zenith in the Sign of Leo sitting opposite tonight’s Moon in Aquarius. Fair enough – that’s what a Full Moon is – an exact opposition between the Sun and Moon. However, there are some things to be aware of in all this. Uranus, the planet of revolution, disruption, the unexpected, and change for the simple sake of change (BIG or LITTLE it doesn’t matter, but BIG is better) forms a square to both the Moon and the Sun creating a T-Square announcing in no uncertain terms that this lunation marks the official start of the take no prisoners portion of the on-going process/progress of the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunction.

Leo and Aquarius are the archetypes of the Individual and the Heart (Leo) and the Collective and Humanitarian Progress (Aquarius). At the center point of the Sun and Moon’s opposition is the planet Uranus, the God of Chaos and the ruler of Aquarius, in the fixed sign of Taurus. He wants CHANGE. He wants real progress and definitive difference. His rulership of Aquarius only increases his desire to evolve and reform our planet. He’s not asking us. He’s telling us. He, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – ALL want to push humanity forward into a new realm. Uranus is getting ready to retrograde on August 13, at 11 degrees Taurus. He’s turned his attention to the Earth, her ecology, sustainability, and her resources, both natural and financial. I dunno about you but I am not going to argue with these outer planets. They’ve got the blueprint. Mercury is in close opposition to Saturn tonight reinforcing the edict to find real workable solutions to Earth’s dilemmas.
Another interesting signature of this Full Moon is Venus’s conjunction with The North Node at 28 degrees Gemini. She’s out of her retrograde shadow and moving quickly. Her conjunction to the North Node indicates that she too, is on board with Earth’s changing agenda. Knowing we will need her assistance Venus is ready to supply a lot of love and dedication to our collective heart-opening and ongoing transformation.
We have only a glimmer of what the outer planets have in mind for us. But it’s clear that we’ve got some big changes ahead. Summer is half over. Feel the lushness and purity of the center of Summer. The deep radiant heat and energy of the Leo August Sun is being directed at the cold and lonely Moon in Aquarius tonight. That heat will be converted into a pure beacon of idealism and commitment to rebirthing our Earth and Ourselves. Look up and out tonight and receive the transmission.

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