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This is the website of Rene Duer. Rene practices Evolutionary Astrology which maintains that the Soul incarnates across time and space in order to refine and broaden its experience here on Earth. Delineation of the natal chart reveals past life patterns as well as the Soul’s intent and trajectory for this current lifetime. Rene offers in depth natal and predictive forecasts for individuals, relationships, families, business partners, and friends as well as Astro*Carto*Graphy and relocation charts.

Rene received her MFA in Painting, Theory and Criticism in 1990. She has been a student and practitioner of astrology for 30 years and maintains a busy practice with a global clientele. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Earth is our planet and home. We were born here under her skies and constellations. Connecting with the stars fixes our position in time and space and gives meaning to the words 'As Above, So Below'.”

Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – January 10, 2020

Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse – January 10, 2020 The Eclipse of the Full Moon at 20 degrees, 00 minutes, Cancer will occur at 11:21 am PST and at 7:21 pm GMT. Eclipses have a 19-year cycle. On January 9, 2001 there was a lunar eclipse at 19 degrees,  [ Read More ]

Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse – December 25-26, 2019

Capricorn New Moon /Solar Eclipse – December 25-26, 2019 The New Moon/Solar Eclipse forms at 04 degrees, 06 minutes Capricorn at 9:13 pm PST on December 25, 2019 and at 5:13 am GMT on December 26th. The Moon moves into position, eclipsing the light of the Sun. This annular eclipse  [ Read More ]

Gemini Full Moon – December 11 – 12, 2019

Gemimi Full Moon – December 11-12, 2019 Welcome to the last Full Moon of 2019. It’s the end of a decade. The Full Moon forms at 19 degrees, 17 minutes Gemini at 9:12 pm, PST on December 11th and at 5:12 am GMT on December 12th. We’re moving ahead into  [ Read More ]

Sagittarius New Moon – November 26, 2019

Sagittarius New Moon – November 26, 2019 Today’s New Moon forms at 04 degrees, 03 minutes Sagittarius at 7:05 am PST. I was up and about this morning – looking out my window at the water. I can tell you that the tides were pretty high at that time. Our  [ Read More ]

Taurus Full Moon – November 12, 2019

Tonight’s Full Moon forms at 19 degrees, 51 minutes Taurus at 5:34 am PST and at 1:34 GMT. The Moon is exalted in Taurus. She feels right at home, welcomed, safe and sound, and well-tended-to in that sign. She jets around the zodiac each month stopping dor a day or  [ Read More ]

Scorpio New Moon – October 27-28, 2019

Scorpio New Moon – October 27-28, 2019 Today’s New Moon in Scorpio is exact at 04 degrees, 24 minutes of Scorpio, at 8:38 pm PDT and at 3:38 am GMT tomorrow on October 28, 2019. It’s that time of year again – a time of reckoning with and reconciling what’s  [ Read More ]

Aries Full Moon – October 13, 2019

Aries Full Moon – October 13, 2019 The Full Moon forms today at 20 degrees, 13 minutes Aries at 2:07 pm, PDT and at 9:07 pm GMT. If you’re not suited up for change already – well let me tell you… THE TIME IS NOW! We are approaching a time  [ Read More ]

Libra New Moon – September 28, 2019

Libra New Moon – September 28, 2019 Today’s New Moon is exact at 05 degrees, 20 minutes Libra at 11:26 am PDT and at 6:26 pm GMT It’s a new season. Last week we entered Libra at the Autumnal Equinox. The daylight hours are shorter now. Darkness has the upper  [ Read More ]

Pisces Full Moon – September 13, 2019

Pisces Full Moon – September 13-14, 2019 Tonight’s Full Moon is exact at 21 degrees, 5 minutes Pisces, at 9:32pm PDT, and overnight at 4:32 am GMT on 9/14/19. We are nearing the Libra equinox on September 23. It is a time to celebrate our accomplishments, harvest our “crops” both  [ Read More ]

Virgo New Moon – August 30, 2019

Virgo New Moon – August 30, 2019 Early this morning at 3:37 am PDT and at 10:37am GMT, the New Moon (which is also a SuperMoon) in Virgo formed at 06 degrees, 46 minutes Virgo. It’s a big Virgo lineup now – Mercury, Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus all in  [ Read More ]